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Release supply and demand

supply purchase cooperation

If you want to pass the ISO9001 certification smoothly, you need to consult the quality management for the shortest time

How can we successfully pass the ISO9000 certification? Organizations want to use the shortest time and as little cost as possible to successfully implement ISO9000 and pass the certification of authoritative certification bodies. Then how can we realize this wish? Usually, we have to go through the following two steps: the first step is consultation and internal audit
2020-08-25 16:01:14

Full automatic computer flocking machine in 2019

Full automatic cashmere filling machine
2019-03-09 15:00:05

Feather washing production line

The company's main products are yj1500, yj2000, yj2500, yj3000 and other complete sets of down processing equipment. Each set of equipment includes single box separator, three box separator, four box separator, five box separator, six box separator, seven box separator, ash remover, water washer, dehydrator, dryer, cooler, stacker, hydraulic packer, etc
2018-03-01 11:12:10

Business opportunity recommendation

Please contact me if you have American disinfection certificate. Thank you.

Sell at a low price

Sell at a low price

[Shaoxing yangjialong down factory] professional team creates professional down

[Bojun import service] one stop service for imported washed duck feather! Welcome to contact the boss

Hygienic requirements of imported washed duck feather -- Bojun supply chain

One stop service for customs clearance of 30% washed duck feather in Vietnam

Customs clearance of 30% washed duck feather imported from Vietnam

Customs clearance of 30% washed duck feather imported from Vietnam

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