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Hefei yiditian down products Co., Ltd

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  • Enterprise type:


  • Main business:

    All kinds of washed down

  • Company address:

    Feilong Town, Hefei

  • Postal Code:

    two hundred and thirty thousand

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contact information

Tao Mingming

Company profile

Hefei yiditian down Co., Ltd. is located in Longtang Industrial Park, CuO Town, Feidong County, Hefei city. The company originated in Tongcheng, Anhui Province. It entered the down industry in 2000. It is a relatively late start and the fastest growing down company. It has become the largest and most competitive down company in Anhui market. Is China whitening method market pilot unit, AAA credit unit, down Association honorary unit. Main sales of all kinds of washed down, product quality, low market price. Can do all kinds of washing goods, standard goods, market goods, foreign trade goods. Our company is a famous wholesale sales center in our country. We welcome our customers to visit

Latest products

  • Long term supply of all kinds of washed down
Wuchuan Information Co., Ltd
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